Revelation Wellness Instructor Training

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All certified Revelation Wellness® Instructors are more than fitness instructors, they are wellness industry leaders. Upon completion of our thorough training program, you will be totally equipped to lead and instruct others into health and wholeness, rooted in Christ. Not only will you be ready to teach *Revelation Fitness® classes, inspiring and instructing others to get moving, by leading your own joy-filled and freedom-infused fitness classes, you will also be equipped to go deeper with your students as a certified Wellness Revelation® facilitator. Hosting your own holistic fitness classes is an effective way to love and serve people. Most will come to you because they want to get fit or stay fit, but something deeper is always going on. As a certified Wellness Revelation® facilitator you will be ready to lead them into deeper healing and wholeness. Through your *Revelation Fitness® classes and Wellness Revelation® curriculum you will be armed and ready to help people get physically and spiritually fit for their God-given purpose, to love God and love people.

*Revelation Fitness® (the workout class) is not one particular style of fitness training (e.g. boot camp, circuit-style, dance choreography, kickboxing, strength training, senior, or prenatal fitness). You will learn the ins and outs of the main fitness formats so we can help YOU find out how God has designed YOU to move and move others.

NOTE: In order for Revelation Wellness® to stay current with the application and understanding of fitness and wellness, all our Instructor Training curriculum is all new and improved—we can’t wait for the August 2017 class to see! Please know, this will be the last time we offer this holistic and comprehensive training program at the current price. Prices will be increasing for the January 2018 class. Scholarships will still be available and limited.

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