About Me


I am a wife, nurse, and mother to three wonderful kids ages 14, 11, and 4. I was born and raised in beautiful Boise, Idaho. I love to spend time with my family and go on short vacations to the coast or up in the mountains for a few days (I do not like to be away from my home or my bed for long). I LOVE Jesus, I like to read, cook, and take pictures. I am not organized in any way ( but I’m a work in progress) and I cannot for the life of me bake anything- I burn everything. Although,  I can cook  and according to my husband  I make the best homemade Alfredo he has ever had. Almost all of my family is local and we have a blast getting together for BBQs, birthday parties, and for the holidays.

I started this blog- Fruitfull Living as an outlet for myself and also to document the progress and journey I undergo as I learn how to finally get healthy, whole, and free. For as long as I can remember I have had poor body image issues, issues with my weight, and a very unhealthy relationship with food. I have struggled for many years with depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and Fibromyalgia.

In the process of starting this blog,  I found Revelation Wellness ®. Revelation Wellness ® is a faith then fitness based ministry that teaches people how to love God, get healthy, be whole, and love others. It was like everything lined up at just the right time as it does when it is led by God! I have been on this journey to better health and wellness for the past several years and FINALLY feel like I am moving in the right direction with the help of Revelation Wellness®.

My passion is to get healthy, whole, and free and in the process help and inspire others to do the same. I will be the first to tell you that I am not perfect. I will mess up. I will have backslides. I will have days that I will want to quit. But I will be honest vulnerable and real about it. My hope is that my transparency will help and inspire others to be a part of a community that loves and supports each other. Please follow along with me on this beautiful journey.

I graduate with my Group Fitness Instructor certificate from Revelation Wellness ® in November 2016 and I plan on sharing all the good work I have done and learned. Sometimes one of the hardest things to do is to stop chasing the world’s standards of beauty, perfection, and “healthy” and start listening and following God. Trust me my friends, the road that God takes you on will be much more fruitful and fulfilling than the world’s way will ever be.

Please watch for information coming soon regarding classes and workshops that will be available in January 2017!!

I am so excited to be on this journey and share it with you!

All His Love,