About Nichole


Nichole is a wife, mother of three, nurse, speaker, and aspiring author. Like so many other women, Nichole had a longing, a feeling of emptiness, being incomplete, and never good enough and it went on for years… That is, until she found Jesus. After years of being on a journey to healing and freedom, Nichole found the key is Jesus.

Nichole’s passion is to see women everywhere awakened to their God-given value, embrace the depth of God’s love, unhindered by their past, walking in freedom and purpose, and living full lives.

Nichole helps women by encouraging, inspiring, equipping, and leading them to education and resources to help them grow spiritually, overcome insecurities, embrace where they are, being mindful and intentional during the process so they can grow, heal, and walk in their God-given purpose and freedom.

“My prayer is that you are encouraged, equipped, and can fully embrace the God-given purpose for your life. I pray that you do not just know you are loved, but that you can fully live it out daily. I would be honored if we were able to share this journey together. Please take a look around, find resources that may help you, and connect with me on social media or via email. ”