“Holy and Hard”

Holy and hard are two things that often go together.

Raising three kids all in different stages from pre K, middle school to high school is hard. Often there are times when I feel very overwhelmed with it all. Overwhelmed between all the different schedules, activities, and new recent life experiences like first jobs and drivers ed.

Tonight I sent a friend a text asking for advise about it all. Her response and advise was spot on. Something I needed to be reminded of. She said, “You will miss this. You will miss the crazy. You will miss the chaos, as silly as that sounds…You will miss them.”

Naturally this got me thinking and reflecting on it all. Everything that is of value takes work. Oftentimes we don’t see the fruit of our labor immediately but we can rest assured that we are in the fight together. We are in the race together for the unseen prize. The prize that is worth more than anything and everything. Eternity.

In parenting we are shaping little ones and their souls. We are conditioning them for the fight of their lives, eternity and eternity together. When it all gets to be too much we should stop and look UP. Our time here on Earth is just a speck in time. A blink of the eye. We must look for the big picture in it all and remember to fight the good fight to win to win the prize.
Parenting and marriage are my ministry. It is hard. It is also holy. Holy and hard definitely do go together.

All His Love.

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