“What is FruitFull- Living?”


FruitFull Living is a ministry I started as a way to get healthy, whole, and free and help others do the same using teaching and training I have received through Revelation Wellness ®  Instructor Training.

At FruitFull Living, we believe health is a JOURNEY and NOT a destination. We believe health is composed of many different components including- physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and social. The ongoing goal of taking care of ourselves and promoting each area to function at its best is what makes up the health and wellness of an individual.

We also believe that we all have been intricate and uniquely created by The Father. We will not recommend a certain diet or way of eating or a specific exercise program as we are all so different and at different stages and points in our own unique lives. We do believe in order to do God’s good work we, the body of Christ need to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. We use fitness and wellness as a tool to spread The Gospel and help others get free from bondage over body image issues, weight, low self esteem, and low self worth. We are on a mission to get free, stay free, and help others get free as well.

Please, follow along and share with me on this beautiful journey.

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All His Love,


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